Private Security Careers

Discover job openings, available positions and career opportunities for security guards, charge officers and shift supervisors.

H&P Protective Services provides you with the basic information and requirements you need to be aware of, and to help prepare you for private security . We look forward to having you become a part of the H&P family of Security Guards, Shift Supervisors and Charge Officers. We have three (3) types of security guards with responsibilities.

Private Security Guard Positions:

Security Guards

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards patrol premises preventing and detecting safety risks and ensuring security. Guards must be at least 21 years old with a minimum of three (3) years experience.

Charge Officers

Charge Officers oversee the Security Guards and delegate the manning of security posts. Any Security Guard can be placed as a Charge Officer, depending on their seniority of other guards working at a designated shift.

Shift Supervisors

Shift Supervisors are not required to be on site. They are only called to come on site in the case of an emergency situation that the Charge Officer cannot handle.

Join Our Team of Private Security

Are you looking for an exciting career as a Contract Security Guard? At H&P Protective Services, one person can make a big impact. We value customer service, teamwork, and fun. Apply now. Upon review of your private security application, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department, who will inform you of our current openings. If you are qualified, you will be asked to come in for an interview and must provide us with the required drug tests. Security Guards are trained in CPR, First Aid, proper patrol procedures, bomb threat procedures and fire drill procedures. Additional training that may be required is on the job training, and refresher training, which is tailored to meet our client’s needs: workplace violence, mobile patrol, protecting company assets, trespass and disorderly persons, human and public relations, flip chart and manual testing. We take pride in the quality of our employees.
The following tests are required before you can be hired for a security guard position. Click on This link will take you to the FEMA Course List. You will see a listing of courses to take. Scroll until you see the required courses we have listed below that you must take. Once you complete the courses you will be notified by FEMA.
ISP Course List:
  • IS-100.c
  • IS-200.c
  • IS-230.d
  • IS-700.b
  • IS-800.c
To inquire about contract private security job openings, contact: Office Administrator (888) 443-7005. Complete the online security guard job application and mail your resume along with your application to: 29829 Greenfield Road, Southfield, MI 48076.
  • Applicants must have copy of TB & Flu records
  • Applicants must have CPR training
  • MUST have results for 5-panel drug tests
After completion of these tests, results must be brought into the main office at: 29829 Greenfield Road, Suite 100, Southfield, MI 48076.
Click the following link for a list of drug testing locations, or download a PDF.

How To Apply with H&P Protective Services

To inquire about private security job openings, you can E-Mail, Mail, or Fax your application along with your resume to: E-Mail: H&P Protective Services, Mail: 29829 Greenfield Road, Suite 100, Southfield, MI 48076 Attn: Human Resources, Fax: (248) 423-1171.
You can also hire us for protective services for special events and crowd control barriers.