Security Services


Construction sites are primary targets for potential theft of raw materials and equipment. H&P provides visible mobile and foot patrols and entry gate credential checks to provide complete coverage of the construction site.

In todays society, criminals have become more brazen. Vandalism, crime and theft indicates that criminals are more organized. This has led to an increased demand in construction site security guards and patrol for hire.

The main concern for having construction site security guards is to control access to the construction site while the workers are not present. H&P Protective Services provide security guard services to new housing community, supermarket, and new shopping complex construction sites throughout our demographic service areas. Having a mobile security guard patrol at your construction site will add visibility of security, which will help deter crime at construction sites.

Materials and equipment left at construction sites are major targets for thieves. Copper tubing, wiring, nails, screws, hand tools, compressors, and the like are popular items taken from construction sites that are unguarded. Large construction vehicles have also been driven away from construction sites. H&P Protective Services realizes the importance of having construction site security guard services included in any building project.

H&P Construction site security services are an effective method to ensure the success of a project. McCarthy & Smith Construction Services trusts H&P Protective Services to provide security services for their various projects and has so for many years. Their construction projects include lower and higher education, religious centers, municipal centers, and commercial property. H&P Protective Services is tasked with securing the site perimeter, checking contractor credentials and providing a safe and secure working environment for their employees. Construction site security services offer the owner and manager of the construction site a peace of mind that their equipment, property and materials that they have invested in are also safe and sound.

Construction sites and their inventory can fall prey to a number of criminal predators, such as thieves, looters and vandals. This is why H&P Protective Services construction site security services have become an invaluable commodity in today’s rapidly growing construction industry. Contact H&P Protective Services today for your free security guard quote. Let our expert security services work for you!