Security Services


We Provide Armed and Unarmed Security Guards for Schools

Educational institutions require a specialized level of training and planning for their security guards. Schools are vulnerable to threats of crime and acts of terrorism because they are perceived as easy targets, where children and mostly women are located. H&P Protective Services take these threats seriously. In order to protect our children from harm, school security guards are necessary. We provide armed and unarmed security guards to help provide a safe and secure environment for students, school and visitors at schools, colleges and universities.

At Plymouth Educational Center, H&P Protective Services provides personnel to ensure the safety of the students, teachers and administrative personnel. H&P works closely with the administrative staff to craft a customized security plan for their campus as the demand for a more secure facility has increased. Campus security guards not only protect the students but also the faculty and staff as a uniformed presence on campus.

H&P Protective Services provides armed and unarmed security for hire. They monitor the physical safety of buildings by making sure the doors are locked, and that there is no suspicious behavior during events on campus.

With the many challenges that schools face in providing good education and a safe environment for their student’s many new programs have been put in place to prevent violent incidents in schools. H&P’s Protective Services security guards are trained to reduce incidences of vandalism and misconduct by providing a reassuring presence. Having the physical presence of security guards protecting their school help make children and teachers feel safer. Our professional guards are concerned about the protection of our children from malicious individuals.

H&P campus security officers perform foot and vehicle patrols to make sure that no strangers are making contact with any of the children. When required, H&P security officers monitor the surveillance systems and cameras. Emergency situations are never planned, and our security officers are alert to respond to any emergency situation by providing first aid, and alert police or emergency personnel if necessary.

H&P Protective Services is an all-in-one security company that also provide crowd control fencing services at special events the facility may have.