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Professional Security Services for Film and Television

If you are seeking professional security services then rely on us. We can provide trustworthy, and reliable security guards to protect your cast, crew, and equipment, so look no further.

H&P Protective Services has a solid reputation and will provide dependable security solutions. H&P Protective Services will minimize any unwanted activity within and around your film and television locations such as theft, trespassing, vandalism, or disturbances of any kind. We diligently work with our clients to custom design our security strategies to meet your specific security needs and budget. Our rates are highly competitive, and our guards are professional and reliable.

Our security guards are all trained in workplace violence, mobile patrol, protecting company assets, trespass and disorderly persons, human and public relations, alarm response, crowd management, and law enforcement.

Our guards are also Red Cross Certified to provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency. With every client, we thoroughly brief our supervisors and assigned guards on your expectations, and follow-up with our on-site guards through unscheduled, regular visits.

Companies such as ESPN and BET Networks have relied on H&P Protective Services for private security services before, during, and after filming and production of projects.

H&P Protective Services provides private security and personal protection services for film crews to celebrities. Our security service can also provide crowd control barricades to block off filming areas from public access. Contact H&P Protective Services for professional private security services.

We aim to provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that their focus can be on their work and not their safety. H&P Protective Services provides a layer of trust that allows individuals to perform at their highest levels because of our professionalism and focus.

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