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Mobile Patrols

Patrol Officers

H&P Protective Services provides late-model vehicles for our mobile patrol officers in various areas. Each vehicle includes large, clear lettering, a cell phone, a highly visible LED light bar and GPS tracking.

Mobile patrols is a cost-effective way to have a security presence at your location, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full-time security officer. What makes our mobile patrol service effective is the random patrol of our security vehicles, which eliminates predictability.

H&P Security’s mobile patrol services have been securing businesses for over 30 years with a reputation for reliability. Through training and familiarity with the sites they patrol, H&P security patrol officers can react quickly to any irregularities.

Mobile patrols is the first sign and line of defense. We believe it is an important asset to any business.

We have experienced decreases in car theft and break-ins on our sites. Our Mobile Patrol division is available to provide an immediate physical presence and continuous ground coverage. Our officers are armed or unarmed, experienced in driving and observing facility surroundings to ensure the safety and security of your company’s employees and customers alike. We have a fleet of vehicles ready for single or multiple patrols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer incident reporting, customer engagement and property assessments as well.

H & P Protective Services mobile patrol vehicles are highly visible during the day or night time hours. Your safety is our concern and with our trained professional security guards patrolling your area in our extremely noticeable patrol vehicles with you, should be comfortable knowing that we are on the job.

The basic components of our mobile patrol are highly visible vehicles and well-trained experienced patrol officers. Every vehicle that is in our fleet has been custom-designed to fit the “H &P” look. Each officer assigned to patrol undergoes specified training relating to patrol procedures as well as tailored training for your specific location. The mobile patrol operates in a simple fashion, which maximizes the services offered to our clients. Once you are an active patrol or alarm response client, our officers will patrol your account by vehicle and foot. These officers check doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to security aspects. If the officers were to find a problem with an account, they have been trained to follow proper procedure and report their findings to the supervisor and contact the client for further information, and the appropriate actions to be taken in this situation.

Patrol Officers are a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from your business. In addition, mobile patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed and unfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations.